How To Can Jam Without A Canner?

Jams are products processed from fresh fruit cooked with sugar to dryness of 65-70%. Sugar to jam is not only to increase sweetness but also to preserve products. Microbial cells in the primary co-state should be deactivated. So many types of jam cooked may not need pasteurization. Some other types of jam with lower dryness need to be pasteurized for a short time, mainly to kill yeast, mold, mainly to kill yeast, mold, and bacteria do not grow in jam, is an environment with high acidity.

In summer, berries and delicious fruits are favorite foods, you can buy them at shops, in the market, and someone grows them and can collect them in their summer house. After all, these useful delicacies are necessary to maintain good health and good mood. To be able to enjoy them and during the cold season, as well as preserve the beneficial properties of fruits and berries, they can be canned. And then anytime people will be able to open and enjoy their favorite fruits or berries in the form of fragrant jams. Homemade is always better than buying, and more useful!

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How to can jam without a canner?

#1 Preparation stage:

  • Collect berries or ripe fruits, choose the fruits that are not broken that’s the best!
  • Prepare glass jars, they will not be damaged
  • Devices to support sterilization such as sterilizers, microwave ovens
  • You also need a pot to cook berries or fruits yourself.

#2 Stage one: Cooking Jam

First of all, we pick berries or fruits, remove junk and then wash with water to keep them clean. If there are bones, take them out. Next, we spread the fruit in the pots. Then sprinkle sugar into many layers (berries or fruits – sugar). Put pots on the stove and cook jam, don not forget to remove foam which is necessary. You need to boil it until all sugar has dissolved, and you can boil it may be a little longer.

There are many ways to can jam, here I will introduce you how to seal jars without boiling by oven method. First, preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Place the fruit until the jar is full and then boil sugar with some water to make syrup. Pour cooked syrup on the top of fruits and put the caps on. Finally, place it in the oven and heat for 50 to 60 minutes, take it out and let it cool down.

#3 Stage two: Prepare containers

Prepare sealed container with lid, glass type is best. Then wash thoroughly, let the water drain, dry.

#4 Stage three: How to properly can jam in jars

Before pouring jam into the jar, be sure to check that they are completely dry from the inside. If you pour jam when the jar is still wet, it may also be sour. It will be a pity if all your effort becomes useless.

Jams should contain a lot of sugar because they will help keep the jam from fermenting and will keep the freshness of the fruit. If you want jam to keep it fresh, cook it a little longer.

On the surface of the jam (under the lid) should place a circle of some paper, or parchment, moistened in wine or vodka. It will act as a protective film, avoiding jams exposed to harmful bacteria.

Currently on the market there are many types of airtight containers for jam, but not all of them are of good quality, you can refer to the best airtight containers here.

How To Can Jam Without A Canner?
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