About me

Greetings and salutations everyone. Been eyeing Matts’ stuff for years and been thinking about diving into affiliate again after several years. I’ve been in SEO for a good while (20+ years, which means jack in the end) and I’ve operated in affiliate space before. Wanted a premade plan this time as last round it got messy in the end, I got bored and sold off everything.

And also accountability as my timetable is currently quite hectic with dayjob, freelancing and two kid family. I feel I need some kick in the butt, but I ofc have a responsibility of sharing stuff for that to happen.

Why affiliate then? Because I’ve already seen the potential and with all this Covid happening I want to diversify income. Affiliate is part of that plan.

I’m 43 and currently manage 300k+ first page rankings for a media enterprise portfolio on national level across around 40 businesses. VERY small language market compared to english. I generated past year well over 7 figures of more revenue through SEO than year before to my employer so I have decided to make some assets to my own as I’m not really benefiting financially from that expect my salary. However in my dayjob I have freedom and ability to play mad scientist, which I love. I’m not saying this to brag, but to paint a pic. I also have a freelancing client portfolio of max 10 at any given time. Diversified bunch, from aff/authority sites to B2B SaaS in English market mainly All in all you can imagine, I’m pretty into SEO as is. And I love it.

Still I’m again restarting from 0 with affiliate stuff. Humble to be here. Gonna be a fun ride. I plan to utilise automation and headless publishing as I’ve gotten tired of WP bloat and I have the skills to do so. If you have any questions regarding that front, let me know.

I’m aiming for the 6-figure flip straight up. But the road there must be taken first. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect that to happen first, second or third site. But that’ll be the longterm goal. First you start with aiming to the first dollar. Still one must be ambitious.

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