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I still scan in a set of four channels, DTV1, DTV2, DTV3, and DTV4 on 4125V4800 as well as these new BYU channels.
I also found a channel called "Service01" on 4157 H 6364 at somewhere around 150e that has the same breaking in audio as the channel on Horizons-3e and Eutelsat172.
I am now wondering if these channels are phone services, as I only ever hear people speaking, not music / program sounds.

Yes dtv1,2,3,4 are all still there ACM mode there were pics on one of them but you can't get it cleanly due to acm mode, same with 4157 H 6364 if i record them in the remote pc then playback in Potplayer from time to time you can capture enough clean image to make out a channel logo. There is also ABC Australia @ 154E using same methods