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Thread: C Band 2.4M Dish install

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    Default C Band 2.4M Dish install

    Hi guys just installing a C Band 2.4M dish, Ive got all the information from dish pointer which i know is just a guide but on the Elevation what part of the dish has to be used for? The mount, The actual dish or what exactly

    Heres a picture of what my mount looks like


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    The elevation is the angle between the ground and the line through the center of the dish.

    Adjust the dish mount so a spirit level shows that angle.

    Then connect you STB and TV and manually add the transponder info into your STB for a good TP from the sat you are pointed at.
    Then move the dish around a little until you get a signal level on your STB / TV. Or use a sat finder.

    Check that you have the LNB rotated (Skew) correct.
    You can try swapping the TP info from H to V and try moving the dish again if you think your LNB may be set wrong.

    Good luck


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