I will ask this question here as I would like more member to answer this.

Re: 2.3M Cband Joysky Mesh Dish

I'm asking members that have installed any CBAND mesh dish and have to measure the focal point do they remove the THICKNESS OF THE BOTTOM STEEL PLATE.
Yes on the bottom or the middle of my mesh dish I have is 3MM x 250MM steel plate on the inside shorting the distance so do I remove the 3MM off the total focal point. Example the focal point is 913MM but the plate is 3MM so do I remove the 3MM and make it 910MM instead of 913MM for the focal point or forget that it is there (ps cut a broom stick for 910 or 913 MM).
I would like member to comment on this as this is a confusing and nobody on these installating says anything about this