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Another new TP 4100 V 29720.
5 HD channels DW, $Bloomberg, Al Jez, NHK and TRT, plus a few other SD.

It is weak on my 3m dish and just comes through on the SD channels, but bricks on the HD.

I hope this does not mean the SD feeds for those channels are leaving?
Reported on Lyngsat on 2 June.

All HD channels on 4100V are 80-81 SQ here in NE Victoria on 2.3m mesh.

A tad down on the 82 SQ for 3880H equivalents.

Both 3880H and 4100V currently reading:

SS: 74dBUV

CN: 11dB

MER: 12dB

4100V showing a bit more fluctuation in CN and MER than 3880H.