Information for users viewing analogue television through a VCR or RF modulator* who are experiencing reception problems

The change in Freeview HD frequencies may cause reception problems for those viewers who run their television signals through a VCR using a RF modulator (or any type of external RF modulator). Some VCRs contain a RF modulator that, if used, outputs the signal to the television on a UHF frequency. If you connect your VCR to your television in this manner (through a coaxial cable), and the UHF frequency used by your VCR is very close to one of the new digital frequencies, the modulator may degrade your television reception.
The simplest solution to this problem is to connect your VCR to your television through a composite cable (two or three RCA connections, usually with a yellow video connection). Users connected in this manner will not experience any problems.
If either your VCR or your television does not have RCA connections, then in order to continue to use your VCR you will need to change the output channel of the RF modulator in your VCR. There may be an output channel switch on the back of your VCR. You will also need to retune your television to this frequency. Please refer to your operating manual for further instructions.

*A Radio Frequency (RF) modulator is a very low power radio frequency transmitter used solely in the cables feeding a television set