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Thread: Bad Customer Service - Noel Leeming

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    Default Bad Customer Service - Noel Leeming

    Hope theres no laws about flaming on this forum but anyway, here goes...

    Had our sony KDL52W4000 for only 8 weeks and then it has a panel fault, e.g. a big ass thin line down the left hand side of the screen. So first things first, ring noel leeming, cant be assed waiting for it to get repaired so I said , can you just replace it with another one in stock?

    NL: "No we cant, its our policy that we try and repair faulty products first"

    I advised them about the consumer guarantees act etc, in which they still insist their store policy supercedes it. We all know it doesnt.

    to avoid a sh*tfight i decided to just say yep, repair it, but im not carting it across town so you organise the shipping. They advised a repair person would contact me the next business day, and I would be given a loan TV in the meantime...

    4 days later, repair person turns up and says, how long have you had it, after telling him 8 weeks, he almost fell over, and said "f*ck if it was me i would be just taking it back" , he even went as far as to say this is the first one with this problem that he has seen. He also advised that they do not always have loan TV's in stock, and that the retailer should supply the loan tv, this I totally agree with. He advised it would would be at least 7 working days until they could even look at the TV. I of course was not happy about this.

    Jumped on the consumer affairs website to find that Im correct in asking for a refund/replacement. (Customer is always right, learnt that when i studied the CGA anyway). Advised NL that either they replace it, or I ask for a refund, confirmed this via phone, when following up the progress.

    They currently are awaiting approval from sony for a replacement. I confirmed with the aptly named 'service manager' that I will be in on monday for a refund if the issue wasnt resolved by the end of the day, to which he finally agreed.

    Why do these wankers have to make life difficult, the product is faulty, its a major fault, its not fit for purpose, and its failed after a very short time so hasnt lasted the 'reasonable life span' mentioned in the CGA... i personally couldnt think of a better reason to just replace or refund it.

    fark i would love them to say no, Im sure fair go would have a field day.

    am I the only one iwth this issue with NL? "the real deal" - my ass

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    Just heard back ,

    apaprently Sony NZ said just to replace it, and basically I have to go in on the weekend and choose another one. Sounds fine to me. I get a newer tv for free. I guess i would usually just say 'so they bloody should', which is true, but they are doing all the shipping for free, so thats even better.

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    The crux of the matter is "a very short time". CGA gives the customer the right to ask for a replacement or refund if unit fails within a short period of time, after that time the store has the right to repair/replace or refund.
    The problem is that the CGA doesn't state how long a short period of time is. Personally I would say within 2 weeks. You had yours for 2 months.
    If you wanted a TV that was totally indestructable and lasted for 10 years without a problem, it would cost you 10 times as much in the first place.
    The store policy is pretty consistant with the other retailers around.
    All this confusion about "reasonable lifespan" "reasonable period of time" has been caused by our beloved consumer gaurantees act, which simply doesn't specify what these time periods are.

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    Their warranty service sounds normal procedure from what I have heard from other retailers .Not just tvs but white goods and appliances too .

    See what result you get when you tell them the new microwave oven blew the Pole fuse and you had to get an after ours call out to get it changed

    But yes quite often you have to do a bit of (( the unhappy )) customer thing !!

    The line you state I have seen that on another brand too so I dodn't think its un-heard of

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    Well, i must say, i went in thinking i was gonna get a newer tv for no extra cash, but when i found out i could get a KDL52W4500 (next model up) for $100 extra, i jumped at the chance... After all the salesman telling me 50hz vs 100hz has hardly any difference, I can confirm quite the contrary, the difference is HUGE, especially noticed it when watching a DVD, freaking amazingly smooth picture. Go 100HZ.

    Totally agree on the CGA thing, it should be more specific on time frames. Would make everyones life a little bit easier.

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    Yes I went 100hz over 10 years ago with the first Sony 32 Wide CRT Trinatron . On a CRT set it was certainly easier on the eyes

    good work on your replacement !!

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    Thank you.

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