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15-10-2013, 04:55 AM
These instructions are as provided by the Supplier, I'm also talking with Dick Smiths as to a possible Firmware update or refund or receiver replacement for all who purchased these on the basis that they are certified Freeview units that no longer work for the usage they were sold for. I believe that the "fix" as given is NOT acceptable for people that purchased these unit. Based on the functionality that was promised with such certified units.

How to add Prime to the Zinwell ZMX - 7500 & DSE 7500

Please keep a copy of these instructions for future reference and read them completely before starting.

1. Carry out a Restore to Factory Defaults.

This is the Restore Procedure as published at http://tinyurl.com/zinwell-nz

RESTORE Procedue:

How to reset to factory defaults:

This procedure should be followed if you are having difficulty receiving the Freeview transmission.
Note: If you are using the RF output and you are unsure of how to retune your TV, DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS–

seek advice from an Installer. This procedure may change the RF output channel and you may lose the picture. In this case you will need to know how to retune your TV to the default RF output of the Zinwell receiver, currently Channel 34 (UHF). If you are using AV or Component Video, continue...

If you are not familiar with the position of all the buttons on the remote control, refer to page 7 of the User Manual (or p10 if DSE User Manual), for the location of the buttons to press when carrying out the following instructions. Unless stated, all the instructions below are carried out using the Zinwell Freeview remote control supplied with your Zinwell Freeview Receiver.

If any step is missed or carried out incorrectly, the reset to Factory Default will fail. Point the Remote Control at the Zinwell Freeview receiver and continue pointing it at the receiver until the procedure is complete. Press the Exit button. Press the Menu button. Press the Cursor Down button twice so that “System Configuration” is highlighted.

2 Press the Cursor Right button once so that “System Setup” is highlighted Press the Cursor Down button three times so that “Factory Default” is highlighted. Press the OK button. (You will get a message: “Password Please!”) Press the 0 (zero) button four times. (You should get a prompt as shown with a box around the “NO” option.)

(If you get a message saying "Password Mismatch", enter the password: 1 2 6 9).
When the Factory Default reset procedure is complete the password will also be restored to 0000 (four zeros).

3 Press the Cursor Left button once so that the box is now around “YES” instead. Press the OK button
Wait a few moments until you see a message on the screen, either “Factory Default” or “Please Disconnect Power and Reconnect”. Pull the small black power plug, out of the back right hand corner of your Zinwell Freeview Receiver.

You should now have a blank screen Wait 10 seconds and then reconnect
the power plug. After a short time the picture will come up on the initial INSTALLATION screen, asking for the viewer location (the factory default is Northland):

Press the Cursor Right button repeatedly, until the region where you live is displayed to the right of “City Name -------“ Press OK The Zinwell Freeview Receiver will now go into “Tuning” mode and automatically set itself up to receive all the Freeview Channels. You do not need to do anything further, unless the receiver fails to detect the signal from the satellite.

4 The Signal indicator should appear yellow and the Q uality bar green. Tuning will take about 35 seconds and the picture will automatically go to TV (normally TV1) when finished. If the two indicators remain at zero then your Zinwell Freeview Receiver has failed to detect a signal from the satellite and you will need to repeat the whole procedure from the beginning. If it fails on the second attempt, then there is a problem with the signal reception from your satellite dish. We suggest you contact an approved contractor
for assistance.

Thank you

After a restore to the Factory Defaults you may need to adjust the picture size as follows:

Widescreen Setup
1. press Menu
2. use the Down Arrow until System Configurationis highlighted
3. use the Right Arrow to move to the right sub menu, check that System Setup is highlighted and press Ok
4. use the Down Arrow until TV is highlighted and press Ok
5. use the Down Arrow until Aspect Ratio is highlighted and then use the left or right arrow to cycle through the three options: 4:3, 16:9, or PanScan . Press Ok to save the option you have selected and then press
Menu several times to exit from the menu.

Older CRT TVs use the 4:3 setting and 16:9 is for widescreen TV models.An explanation of the “Pan & Scan” mode can be found on Wikipedia.

I also recommend turning the volume up to 32 after a restore to Factory Defaults, especially if you record
from your ZMX- 7500 or use the RF output rather than the CVBS (AV) or Component outputs


Follow these streps to get back Prime TV

When asked to select your region, choose Auckland, as a region mismatch when you add Prime will adversely affect all channels

2. Check the date and time are correct. During daylight saving you may need to manually set these and instructions are available from the link above.

3. Go to menu option System Installation Add New Satellite. With Optus D1 selected, firstly check which is the correct LNB setting to use. Scroll down to LNB No. and using the left and right arrow keys check if LNB 1 (11300) or LNB 2 (10750) shows the 100% yellow signal bar at the bottom right of your screen. The one that shows the yellow signal bar is the one to use in the next step.

Most commonly this will be LNB 2

4. Return to the Satellite field at the top of the screen, use the right and down arrows to select User Satellite. Scroll down to LNB No. and select the LNB number you found in the last step. (There will be no signal indication at this stage)

Press Ok to exit and save.

5. Go to menu option System Installation, Auto Tune. Select User Satellite, confirm the LNB No. determined above is correct, set the Start & End Freq both to 12483 and press Ok. Wait until you see a brief message Tuning Complete and press OK and save . The receiver will start scanning and after about 30 seconds the TVNZ channels (including Maori) will be duplicated. Press Ok and Save. Exit.

6. Go to menu option System Installation, Select Edit TP. Select the Transponder Frequency (TP) from the new user satellite you have just added, labelled * 12483 (it will be the last on the list–if you pick the first one listed by mistake, you will lose some of the existing channels and will need to start again from step 1 with a Factory Restore).

Change the new Transponder Frequency (TP) from 12483 to 12707 , confirm the Symbol Rate (SR) is 22500,
Polarisation is Horizontal and press Ok and save. (Note: you will see the yellow signal bar as soon as you enter 12707 above)

* Ignore or delete the additional Optus D1 TPs 12644, 12707 & 12671 shown as I haven’t found any
way of using these to add channels.

7. Wait for the receiver to return to normal TV. You may see a brief message “Service Not Collected”. Scroll through the channels until you find the first duplicate channel that has no signal e.g. 9 Maori Television. After a short time you will receive a message showing “Audio Video Not Available” and confirming you are on the User Satellite and TP 12707 MHz

8. Go to Menu, Channel Manager, and Edit Channel.
Enter the new Apid 1101 , Vpid 1001 and PCR 8190, using OK to save and the arrow keys to move between fields. After saving all the new Pids , press Exit.

You now have Prime on LCN 9 however the banner at the bottom of the screen will still show this as Maori.

9. Use the Channel Organiser to manually change the channel name and to tidy up by deleting the remaining duplicated channels you don't want.

Hint: Channels that can be deleted will be blank with no sound while you are accessing the Channel Organiser


The Electronic Program Guide feature will not operate from the new Prime channel that you have
manually added. You can however view Prime’s EPG from one of the regular Freeview channels

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10 th October 2013