View Full Version : Planned service outage Cave Hil 4/6/13

04-06-2013, 01:51 AM
JDA planned maintenance for Timaru 4 June 2013:
Site: Cave Hill
Area Affected: Timaru
Outage date: 4/6/2013
Outage window start Time: 01:30
Outage window end Time: 05:30
Estimated outage duration: 2hrs

Reason for outage: Reinstate TVNZ & Mediaworks Exciter; required
to maintain Tx calibration settings.

Services Affected: TVNZ & Mediaworks services on the Freeview|HD platform in Timaru.

This maintenance work has been approved by the broadcasters and outage window has been selected to minimise any disruptions to Freeview|HD viewers in Timaru.
We would like to pass on JDA's thanks to our Timaru viewers for their patience & understanding while this work is carried out.