View Full Version : Will Aussie Plasma recieve NZ DVB-T

26-05-2010, 04:39 PM
I have a 3 yr old Samsung PS42C9HD plasma and am moving to NZ in mid July.
Will it receive NZ DVB-T?
Or am I up for a new TV or set top box or PVR?

PS I have put the Q to Samsung NZ but am waiting reply

26-05-2010, 06:08 PM
I've since found a couple of other forums that indicate that generally tuners for the Aussie market can't do the MPEG4 needed for NZ.
What I'm thus really looking for is whether the tuner in my PS42C91 is capable of MPEG4.

Samsung NZ have just replied in the negative, so decision time - new TV v set top box or go the whole way with a PVR.

26-05-2010, 07:56 PM
The cheapest option is to buy a NZ STB but if you have the money a new NZ TV would be the best integration TV/ Tuner..

26-09-2010, 08:58 AM
we've done some testing in oz with mpeg4 dvb-t streams recently and been surprised that some embedded receivers not that new do mpeg4 just fine. it could be as simple as identifying the chip used in the receiver you have (samsung should know) googling its spec. and reading through it.