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  1. test
  2. Can someone help me to understand how I go about getting a signal with my new tv please
  3. More Full HD on DTT in Europe as countries prepare for second terrestrial TV switch
  4. over 10,000 satellite channels available in Northland - New Zealand!!!!!
  5. Raumati Beach poor reception
  6. DVB-T chan 50 & 51 now on in Nelson-Tasman Region
  7. The advert that was not an advert!
  8. Who is cherry nguyen
  9. first night of duke
  10. Old URL http://www.vetrun.net/forums/
  11. dog attack
  12. new tv channel ?
  13. list of telcos and prefixes
  14. city councl privacy
  15. coca cola using stevia
  16. Channel changes Prime, Four+1 and Edge.
  17. British Sky tv to air UK's first 24-hour eSports TV channel
  18. yet another useless new channel?
  19. Insults galore against the Jews.
  20. ham radio
  21. re phone scammers
  22. TV3 Regional channels gone. Don't "Update" your unit, "Re Tune" it!
  23. slingshit junk mail
  24. new fashiontv
  25. "crazie"domains
  26. Massive stroke
  27. fireworks and the brainless morons who use/sell them
  28. Radio Live
  29. yet another god squad channel?(shinetv)
  30. Broadcasting standards dead!
  31. Australian Government Attempting to Block Pirate Websites
  32. Christchurch Fires
  33. Idea for Apsattv
  34. 4K viewing
  35. Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn fight
  36. Internet modem blocking sSTB's
  37. How to calculate the FD ratio (I think is called this)
  38. Mt Campbell Freeview
  39. TVNZ 6 PM News
  40. Changing emails!
  41. Happy New Year 2018
  42. Tropical Storm Gita Hitting New Zealand
  43. Bathurst 1000 will be in 4K
  44. 5G stealing our 3.7 to 3.9
  45. VPN Installation
  46. New Terrestrial Channel
  47. State of NZ television.
  48. Can Anybody How Can I Watch Bigg Boss Tv Show?
  49. Anyway of stopping Alinawat from posting spam into our inboxes??
  50. End of an Error
  51. Is this the end of SkyTV?
  52. Is this forum still active?
  53. GoodBye Everyone
  54. TVNZ one+1 and Two+1 Gone