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  1. Optus D2
  2. PC-based PVRs - what are you using?
  3. How do you align a dish that brings in too much signal for the satellite finder?
  4. Freeview's new channels Program Guides
  5. Mythtv-nz mailing list
  6. New FV Channel "Cue"
  7. Connecting another STB to a dual LNB setup?
  8. Pro's and Con's of official Freeview boxes
  9. Key codes
  10. Pointing your dish in the right direction
  11. Combining VHF/UHF (DTT in the future) and Satellite on the same cable
  12. The secret is out...
  13. Interesting Satellite Web Sites
  14. How It Works
  15. NASA TV on I701
  16. DSE Digital Satellite Receiver - NZ$199 incl GST - Offer valid until 24-Dec-2007.
  17. Moteck with Sky Dual Throat LNB
  18. So what on your roof?
  19. EPG content missing
  20. Identifying a KU Mesh Dish
  21. STi5514 Maximum Disk
  22. Multiswitch
  23. A little help needed
  24. Strong 4658x
  25. Sky+ TDS470N in NZ as a MySky?
  26. Strong SRT-3650 - Review...
  27. 2.3m Mesh
  28. Modulator
  29. Help with Dynasat No.1 Mini STB
  30. C1
  31. Freeview plus Sky
  32. AsiaSat 4 Reception in Hamilton
  33. Zinwell power supply
  34. Hills Freeview HSM075 setup
  35. Optus B3/D2 sound, but no picture for some channels
  36. single tuner recording
  37. help with Zinwell 7000FTA
  38. Skytower Ku Band channels gone
  39. 3m satellite dish to watch Chinese TV
  40. Spring Sun Transits
  41. Where has CCTV9 gone on Optus D2?
  42. Kordia SNG 1.9m Mantis
  43. Zinwell or Mediastar remote...
  44. DVB S2 HD
  45. View from Satellite
  46. Australian TV on Optus C1
  47. Using Prime only install card in other receiver
  48. TVNZ 6 Difficulty
  49. 3rd approved DVB-S
  50. Lyttelton Reception
  51. Need help re:Victory 6200 Sprint
  52. boxes with easy aspect change?
  53. Coax Specs
  54. Dreambox DM8000
  55. TV3 + 1
  56. SBS East Coast Sound defects
  57. Myfreeview box opinions wtd
  58. Sky Decoders Flippin' Out
  59. Shuttle Launch
  60. Sky service update for for TV1 + TV2 HD
  61. Advice required for setting up satellite TV
  62. mentalindustries EPG errors?
  63. Hills 65cm dish and Sharp dual throat LNB compatibility
  64. Government refuses to intervene in Freeview satellite picture quality problem
  65. Herbie G's satellite system...
  66. SBS Australia FTA currently Optus D1
  67. AS 3 and AS 2 Sun Transits Lower North Island NZ
  68. V8 Supercars Feeds
  69. Watch SBS and other FTA's on Zinwell
  70. Ferguson receiver does NDS (SKY TV) and Freeview
  71. External hard drive for recording TV.
  72. Interference
  73. Australian channels started Optus D1
  74. Finally got a DVB-S box!
  75. Requirements for Chinasat 6b
  76. Topfield TF5050CI
  77. Just came across this website.. WOW
  78. SBS is gone
  79. Advice for Freeview Beginnners
  80. Optus D2 + V8s
  81. Giz a hand
  82. Octagon STB
  83. V8 World
  84. Vu+ DUO DVB-S2 Receiver
  85. Installed tripple LNB now SBS is gone
  86. Sat meter calibration?
  87. How to Install Fixed Satellite Dish (for new zealand & Aus)
  88. Please help setting up Dish TV s7070 for optus d2 and optus d1
  89. Is Palapa C2 Transmitting at the moment?
  90. Trackside Channel FTA D1
  92. help seting up a sft-6000 decoder for optus d2
  93. Help needed with those who have access to Australia Network
  94. Connecting an older dish (Sharp) to my S7070 Dish TV receiver
  95. Satellite TV,STB's and DVR recorder
  96. sky dual lnb position
  97. A nice little tool to help chose your dish size
  98. China S9 Openbox
  99. how to setup freeview dvb-s ?????
  100. Echostar DSB-2110 2Ci upgrade to DVB-S2?
  101. sky nz card
  102. Lyngsat
  103. Box's that are popular in europe.
  104. Recommended Best Sat Receiver to buy Second Hand in NZ
  105. What satellites can you receive.
  106. u guys must get this ALL the time. Help. . .
  107. which kind of DVB is most widely used in New Zealand?
  108. Poor DVB-T But good DVB-S Whats the best option
  109. Olympic Games 3D HD Test
  110. Dish TV SatBox S7090
  111. Television with Satellite Tuner built in?
  112. Recording from Transonic Receiver
  113. IS8 to IS19 Changes
  114. IS8 / 1S19 Ku Band NZ central
  115. Seven Network expands their transponder lease
  116. Mediaworks Changes on Offical Box
  117. What's going on with IS-5/8 these days?
  118. NHK World on 90 cm C-band dish from IS-19
  119. Optus D2 - good strength but low quality
  120. Gremlins?
  121. Hobbit SNG up on d2 now
  122. Satellite Decoder with best upscaling/de-interlace performance
  123. Fox Sports News HD
  124. All satellites in the world
  125. Standard SKY dish for any other sattelites besides D1, D2 and IS19?
  126. September 22013 Sun Transists
  127. Minimum dish size for Optus D2
  128. Melted LNB
  129. Optus 10 NZ Services
  130. F.T.A. channels transmitting on AsiaSat 4?
  131. TBN and other Christian channels on D2 going High Def?
  132. IS19 signal on 12557/H/15000